Roland Sh-2000 installing grounded power cable

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Roland Sh-2000 installing grounded power cable

Post by cutoffres » Thu Apr 09, 2015 5:32 pm

here in Europe (220Volts) the power plugs are 3 points, so 3 wires:
the negative; the positive; the Ground;

On the old Roland sh-2000 i have in my hands, it is only a two points power cord (negative, positive) connected into the synthesizer fuse board on two points... The original cable/Power supply is not directly connected to Ground.

So my question is: I'm now replacing with a new modern 3 points power chord, but where to solder the Ground wire into the synth:
-On the red or the white wire directly on the fuse board ?
-On the point 19 on the power supply board ?
-On any other point of the power supply board ?

Could you please check with your more recent Roland sh-2000 or the Power supply schematics are on the page 20 of this 24 pages Roland Sh-2000 service manual: ... 000_SM.pdf

Thanks to all

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