Roland SH32 and Roland Gaia

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Roland SH32 and Roland Gaia

Post by White » Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:55 am

Are the two compatible? Can I load my SH32 sounds into the Gaia?
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Re: Roland SH32 and Roland Gaia

Post by brianmccalla » Tue Jan 22, 2019 9:52 pm

They are neither compatible nor comparable.

The SH-32 is a 4 part multitimbral analog modeling synth that is truly an improved descendant of the JP-80X0 synths which also includes 808 and 909 quality drum sounds and patterns. It sounds as good as, if not better than those synths in a tiny package of FOUR such monophonic synths (along with the drum kits), and a programmable arpeggiator that beats out most 16 step "sequencers ". It can be found for $250-$400 used and sits well in any mix. It also has a tough metal case, solid pots and faders, and durable tac switches.

The Gaia is a TOY that sounds like such and is more PCM / cheap wave wavetable sounding than analog modeling synth. Think: m-audio Venom versus Nord Lead 2x. That's about the appropriate comparison.

... ...and no, there's NOTHING compatible about patches between the two. Don't let the "SH" in both model numbers trick you. They're not even distant third cousins twice removed.

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