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Techno Acid Bassline

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:44 am
by Mikelundy

i'am trying to remake some acid techno bassline to understand how it works
Was wondering if anyone knows the notes of this one:

Been trying for hours but seems I dont hear the good notes

And this one too :

Seems its a 8 notes pattern with one acid note and the rest is pianos ?

Thanks a lot! :)

Re: Techno Acid Bassline

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 6:57 pm
by WillyCarrot

The Nuclear Fallout bass is fast, so I hope I'm correct: D4,D3,C3,D3.
You could also transpose it to become, for example: G4,G3,F3,G3.

Good luck and have fun with it!

Re: Techno Acid Bassline

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:05 am
by moodorf
Hi guys! Sorry for bumping this thread, but I also am looking to re-create a very specific type of acid techno bassline and I figured it would be redundant to start a new thread when this one is here, so having said that.......

The one type of Acid bassline I'm trying to re-create is that seemingly simple 2-note bassline. You hear it from time to time and it's used more as a "layer" acid sound than a lead acid sound.

You hear it prominently in the Plastikman track "Marbles":

Also in the classic track, "Flow Coma":

I know creating this sound isn't as easy as just having 2 notes repeating with one accented/slid. I recently bought a TT-303 and every time I try to make a bassline like this it doesn't turn out right. Rthymically, I'm just not doing something right. I'm missing a step or two. :? Any Help would be appreciated. :D