midi related hardware setup question regarding a midibro

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midi related hardware setup question regarding a midibro

Post by clegg » Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:25 am

Ok, hope this isn't too complicated.
I have my main controller/synth (Nord), an MPC2000 that's used as my main sequencer/master clock, 2 other synths, a 4 port thru box, and I recently acquired a midibro (which for those you haven't heard, is a really nifty diy box that allows for a bunch of midi solutions).
Anyway, I'm trying to use my MPC as my master clock to my midibro, but when the midi info goes out from the MPC into the midibro, the midi channels aren't the same as they were setup for on the MPC, so I lose that info.
Is there any way to use all the functions of the midibro, but clocked from the MPC while using my nord as my master controller (with local set to off)?

If not, how would you suggest the midibro fit into the mix?

(the midibro essentially the same as the midipal).


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