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Jupiter 6 with Europa 2.0 freezes when midi is transmitted

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:31 am
by clegg
When I connect the synth through midi, it simply dies. All LEDs become dead except for LFO 2 which constantly blinks. I tried using my MPC2000 as a sequencer. If I turn on the MPC and then the jupiter, the jupiter only displays the LFO2 blinking light. If I turn the J6 on first, it works up until I turn on the MPC. When the MPC loads, the jupiter dies again.

This is the same if I try to use any other synth to control the J6, or if I plug directly into my computer to transfer patched (or update firmware). So basically anything that's connected to midi in will make europa stop working alltogether.

Would anyone have any suggestions? I just got the Europa installed from a reputable tech.

Also, can anyone tell me how many banks should have different sounds on them with the Europa 2.0? My bank A is a scrambled mess and banks B onwards are fine, but each bank is a mirror of itself .

Any help would greatly be appreciated

Re: Jupiter 6 with Europa 2.0 freezes when midi is transmitt

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:24 pm
by garranimal
Version 2.0 is a beta test, so problems can be expected. Unfortunately there's no manual or troubleshooting guide it would appear. Also check if you have the latest OS loaded, although it would seem moot if you can't get midi to behave properly. I have Europa ver 1.0 and has a reputation for choking on unfiltered MIDI data. In your DAW and/or MPC turn off or disable MIDI transmit of any messages Europa doesn't need. In my DAW Jupiter absolutely cannot handle certain clock messages well, so I usually run drum machines on my secondary MIDI out port. Wish I could be more help.

Also join the Europa mailing list if you haven't already. It's archaic, but they sorta use email as a users forum for sussing out weirdness. They are also beta testing the a new editor/librarian at the moment. Again, moot if MIDI is flipping out.

Re: Jupiter 6 with Europa 2.0 freezes when midi is transmitt

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:42 pm
by clegg
Thanks for your reply.

Apparently the latest version of europa shouldn't have any bugs. In any case, just a few updates:

I was finally able to establish a connection, but it's extremely limited. The only thing that works so far is if I plug my Juno 106 into the j6 and use the 106 as a controller. With that, only note on/off works. If I try to change patch from the 106 to the J6, it crashes.

If I use my microkorg as a controller, it crashes as soon as I hit a note.

MPC, whatever I try it crashes at first sign of connection.

If I plug in fron my soundcard , it crashes as soon as I turn it on.


btw I joined the mailing list and submitted my question. thanks/ :)