You Can Move A Mountain - Prophet 6 vs Juno 6

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You Can Move A Mountain - Prophet 6 vs Juno 6

Postby Grumblepig » Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:26 am

I posted a Prophet 6 vs P5 track a while back. This is another synth battle, this time using the P6 and a Juno 6. In this case, this final mix features both synths together. If anyone's curious beyond that, the original one-synth-versus-the-other versions are up on my SC page as well.

Hope you enjoy this. Other than vocals and a bit of drum machine (some drum sounds are from the synths...), this is all P6/Juno 6... ... -rough-mix


P.S. - my notes say this includes TR-808 and DSI Evolver as well. The 808 was from a quick session in Berlin, my first and only experience with that drum machine. Not sure what the Evolver is doing. Meanwhile, the original synth battle had the Prophet 6 in mono, no fx and using only one oscillator so to better match up with the Juno.
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