Accelerator FM synthesis patch demo

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Accelerator FM synthesis patch demo

Postby acemonvw » Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:44 pm

I've found the Accelerator to be a pretty interesting FM based synth. It's not really thought of for its capabilities in this, and while I enjoy my SY77 and TX81z (okay, not so much - I like its grit for sure, but editing is not fun and I just don't love my rack-mount synths as much) - the Accelerator has a better interface than both of these. While the Virus TI has a really easy interface for FM synthesis, it's only really a 2 OP FM synth at best (although this could be added to in multi mode, I suppose, for extra carriers).

The Accelerator could be considered a 3 OP FM synth, but you can have both the 2nd and 3rd operators adding feedback on each other and on themselves. Plus, in dual mode, you can now have two carriers, each with 3 OP, which makes it a pseudo- 6 OP FM synth (you can expand up to 8 parts, so you'd have 8 carriers, each with 3 operators total, but the voice count would be significantly diminished - without expansions, you'd only have a monophonic sound, with expansion you'd have up to 4 voices of this pseudo 24 OP synth - although I don't think it technically works that way since each part cannot act on another, hence why I call it pseudo).

Anyway, the cool thing about the Accelerator in this regard is that, on top of being easier to edit than an SY77/DX7, you also have sync (and sync is a range of 0 - 127), plus sweepable waveforms (i.e., can go from sine - square continuously) and PWM for all waves. Needless to say, there are a lot of things you can do with this. Eventually, I hope to make a tutorial to go over how to do FM synthesis (ok, really PM synthesis) on the Accelerator...

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