Starting my DEEP-HOUSE career

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Starting my DEEP-HOUSE career

Postby konvert » Sat Aug 11, 2007 12:30 pm

Uhh.. hi all!
I know this is rather rude to push track here for listening because I haven't been very active for a long long time...

I took a LONG break from music, sold all my stuff (stupid me) and decided never to start sequencer again.

Well, as somebody in teh internets could say:
yuo = fail

I bought WEM Copicat Super-IC tapedelay (my first tape-delay ever!) and started dicking around with it and behold! I made House! At least I think I made house... It sounds like house, doesn't it?

Anyway, just a short piece here:

All the nice distortions are from elaborate and intentional misuse of the Copicat :lol: (yeah, right...)

Would like to hear what you guys think!
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