Obligatory Pimpage, and Hello

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Obligatory Pimpage, and Hello

Postby ENDIF » Wed Aug 15, 2007 4:21 am

Hi all. *waves*

I make Endif, which you can hear some of here:

Been mutilating sound and playing out for about 15 years now.

Sold a lot of things I wish I could have kept but sampled them all, so they live on here and there in the form of a 30+ gigabyte self generated sample library, which I edit in CoolEditPro2 assemble into (usually) coherent songs in Fruit7, seasoned here and there with analogue and softsynths and vocalizations as needed.

Learning Ableton Live now, people keep telling me it's the shiznit. Very densely packed with controls on the Macbook screen.. we'll see.

Building a modular, mostly from PCB's. Still in foetal form, but I'm building furiously, so this will expand rapidly. Right now there's just a Blacet 2100 osc + Blacet mult from kits, a Blacet power supply, a mostly built Mankato filter. I have a Harvestman Malgorithm on the way, so a euro row and voltage step-down will need to be added too.. where does it end? ;]

Large stack of boards waiting to be built from CGS, MFOS, Ian Fritz. More on the way, such as the Wogglebug and the SSM2044. Hooked on solder fumes! =D

So yeah, brief intro, and some new stuff to listen to. =]

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Postby Zamise » Sun Aug 19, 2007 10:37 am

Very good sounding stuff you've got there, I liked it all.

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