Cwejman Quad Resonator Module - Demo

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Cwejman Quad Resonator Module - Demo

Postby REwire » Sun Aug 19, 2007 11:22 pm


I did a full Tune/Demo using the new Cwejman Res-4 Quad Resonator exclusively. It is four BP/Notch Resonant Filters in array with knob controls for Freq, Bandwidth and Level of all four filters and 14 CV ins as well for all controls and Master Freq and Level. It acts as a Filter Bank, Formant Filter and stereo effects processor as the BP and Notch outputs are available simultaneously to create cool stereo effects.

Every sound in my demo is through the Filter and nothing else except a little Reverb in my DAW. I ran drum loops through the filter and just a Pulse from a Plan-B Model 15 and Saw from an ASys RS-95 Osc. All the Modulating was done by LFO's and Envs to the filters but the most useful module here is the Cwejman PH-4 Phase Modulator which sends four phased LFO's to all four Resonators for swirling Flanging and Chorus effects. Many of the ghostly ringing sounds are the Resonators Self Oscillating and me playing it by Keyboard CV. The Res-4 really allows any sound to be dialed in easily and twisted to h**l.

Demo (mp3 4:06): ... 4_Demo.mp3

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Postby kk994 » Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:57 am

Killer Dan...

Some fantastic sounds in there... with all that cwejman gear you must nearly have a full cwejman modular... jammy bastard :)
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