In Trance We Trust (Live take)

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In Trance We Trust (Live take)

Post by Architecture » Fri May 29, 2009 1:00 am

This was posted out of refrence to my last posting, regarding a "liquid" sequence patch that I had made on the AX-60. This was done all on one take for the most part, some parts of the mix were separated like Moog bass, 909 kick, AX-60, 909 misc, and the rest was all done in stereo, so about 5-6 tracks total in the tracking phase. Some JP8000 parts were played live, especially the high note stuff towards the end while mixing everything else in realtime. There might be some distortion depending what system to play it on, some system this song sounds spot on, some not so much. Mostly the kick drum, it is a bit overpowering in places.

Synths used
Andromeda A6 for pads and fx's
JP8000 for you know what
AX-60 for liquid sequence
JD990 for choir sound
D550 for strings
TR909 for drums
Moog LP for bass

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