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TrondC - Live @Grooveyard 2011 (last 15 mins, new music!)

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:09 am
by TrondC
Played during prime time (2am) at a little "dance-music" festival (600 people in a building meant for max 500..), which was immense fun. the drawback was that main room was directly underneath, with a behemoth sound system, a locally famous DJ and volume cranked to the max... as such my set almost drowned during the more silent parts, but the last 25-ish minutes were pretty fun with people feeling it :) Love it when even just one person seems to enjoy it :)

Ps: yeah that psy-ish lead goes on for too long, reason bein the monitoring was so c**p I didn't really hear what was going on. Also the mixer they had didn't support my wish to have the bassdrum on a seperate channel, so the punch was severly lacking... Bla bla bla