new album in beta, looking for input

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new album in beta, looking for input

Post by thosquanta » Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:11 pm

i'm working on, i dunno..kinda spaghetti western sounding album. part industrial, goth, country, ennio morricone, etc.

we've got 13 tracks at a "beta" stage, meaning they sound pretty good, but need work. looking for some general input. i know the cymbols need to come down, guitar up, but if anyone wants to offer suggestions, i'm all ears.

we're using reason for drums and a few synths, but it is otherwise my moog lil' phatty and dotcom running the analog. most guitar and bass is done, not all, and we are still looking to record fiddle and accordian, coz why not. also, these will all have vocals, but we're doing those last.

anywho, take a listen, i'd be curious to hear your thoughts, thanks!

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