90's Style Dance Jam (MS-20 mini, Volca Keys, MC-303...)

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90's Style Dance Jam (MS-20 mini, Volca Keys, MC-303...)

Postby simesky » Wed Jul 23, 2014 3:25 am

Hello everyone,

I'm really glad to join this forum, I actually didn't realize that there are sections like this on VintageSynth...

Anyhow,the 90's are back!

This is my first jam with the magnificent Korg MS-20 Mini and the quirky Roland MC-303.
Additional instruments : Microkorg, Volca Keys.
Fx: Electro Harmonix Memory Boy, Zoom RFX2000.
Recorded on a Yamaha tape deck. Transfer to hard disk and finishing touches in ProTools.

The tape deck plays back slightly slower, hence the out of sync tendency towards the end of the video.

Thanks for watching :)

Watch on youtube.com
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