For Gaza

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For Gaza

Postby madtheory » Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:24 pm

Support Gaza.

You might have seen the video by Israeli film director Naomi Levari. Well here is a piece of music I composed in response to it. Any proceeds will go to the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign whose aim is:

"to participate in international efforts to put pressure on the Israeli state to cease its oppression of the Palestinian people".

For Gaza by madtheory (Bandcamp link)

Instruments/ Equipment:
Yamaha CS-5 (pulse bass)
Sony TC-200 tape recorder (distortion)
Casio SK-10 sampler (drum loops)
Kontakt 5 sampler
That Led Zep snare
VSL strings
Emu EIIIx cellos
Fairlight 3 choir
Propellerheads Recycle (guitar processing)
Celemony Melodyne (guitar processing)
Avid Pro Tools 11
Avid XPand (sub bass and pad)
Akai MX-1000 keyboard
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