Introduction | My musical projects Smooth & Smooth Genestar

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Marco Koeller
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Introduction | My musical projects Smooth & Smooth Genestar

Post by Marco Koeller » Sun Feb 01, 2015 4:08 am

Hello Community,

i would like to take the chance and introduce 2 of my musical projects here :)

"Smooth" is dedicated to Deep House and Dubtechno.
Below some tracks from my latest EP "Vintage 02". The tracks have been produced with the Roland TR-626, Roland TR-505, Roland D-50, Roland JD-800, Korg DW-8000, Roland MC-303, Akai S-2000 and the EMU ESI-4000.
More infos

Smooth | Phase into Space

Smooth | Aura IV

Smooth | Four channels of fortune

Smooth | Depth Remote

Then, i also operate the project "Smooth Genestar", which is addicted to Downtempo, Lounge and Chillout. I used the same equipment as mentioned above, in addition i used some sampled Breakbeats.
More infos

Smooth Genestar | Dimensions

D-Echo Project | Chilling Drop (Smooth Genestar Remix)

Smooth Genestar | Generic Genestar

D-Echo Project | Friendly Jam (Smooth Genestar Remix)

All the music and much more is completely released free under a creative commons license.
Discover more free music via

Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for listening and your time :)
Music is an universal language, spoke and understood by all....

Free audio netlabel
Deep House and Dubtechno
Lounge and Chillout

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