Great Live Performances and Tech Talk Videos

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Great Live Performances and Tech Talk Videos

Post by Marco Koeller » Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:52 pm

Hello Community :)

I collected some great live musical performances and Tech Talks over the last months, and i thought it would be nice to share them here with you. I also ask to add more of that stuff here if you have something of interest :)

So, we got both in here: People who use synthesizers, and people who talk about :) Go!

Tech Talk | Thomas P. Heckmann

Xosar | Live at the Dekmantel Festival

Acid Symphony Orchestra > Thats real crazy stuff!!!

Kebu | Crockets Theme (performed live at Dynamo 2012)

Above and Beyond - You got to go (Kebu Remix)

The Synth Freq | Miami Sky

Solonaut - E-Minus

Phuture | Live in Chicago

Tech Talk | Beroshima

Tech Talk | Jomox

Tech Talk | The Analog Roland Orchestra

Tech Talk | Ian Pooley

You like to add some more of this stuff? Thanks!
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