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Baby Downtempo

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:32 am
by elsongs
My sister sent me a video of my 7 month-old niece last month singing and humming. I not only thought it was the cutest thing, but I also found it very musical. So like any musically-inclined uncle would do, I sampled it!

I made a downtempo track around her vocalizations, and even though I used some Melodyne to correct the pitch, it didn't alter the original audio very much! She pretty much stayed within the key of Db Major all on her own. Her vocalizations even stayed close to the 80 BPM tempo of my track. I didn't have to do any time-stretching on her voice at all. She's not even a year old and she's not just a recording artist, but a songwriter as well (she shares songwriting credit on this one).

This song was recorded using Sonar X3 Producer, using mostly Korg Legacy Collection plugins (Wavestation and MonoPoly) and Dimension Pro (the harp countermelody). The drum loop was one of those bundled loops that came with Sonar.

Re: Baby Downtempo

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:08 pm
by ned-ryarson
Your link isn't working, my friend. I searched it though, try this: ... uring-zora

I think it's quite brilliant, it really works. I wouldn't use the baby vocal from start to finish though, by having it only in a chorus part, for example, the listener would get more from it and it wouldn't get repetitive.

In terms of sound quality/mix I can possibly hear some frequency clashing between the baby vocal and the pad, it would definitely benefit from some EQ, and additional reverb would allow it to sit more comfortably with the ambient pads. Maybe some attention to the spatial positioning of the chords would benefit the mix also? I really like the filtering on the baby vocal though, it reminds me of those lovely Sigur Ros processed vocal samples.

Yes, I shall be stealing this idea!