FT: SRX09, Yamaha RX5, Akai MPK,.. | WTF: Electribe 2, other

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FT: SRX09, Yamaha RX5, Akai MPK,.. | WTF: Electribe 2, other

Postby Vlr » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:43 am

*Roland SRX 09 World ROM expansion
*Yamaha RX5
*Yamaha TX81Z
*Jomox Xbase 09
*Akai MPK Mini MKII
*Korg EMX SD box (box only)
*Ebow (electronic "violin bow" for guitar)
*Sonex 180 Deluxe Zebra Guitar Pickups
*Nobel's Variable Filter by Kramer
*DOD Octoplus
*DOD Overdrive Plus and Phaser (both need some maintinence, would probably trade them together for one fully working pedal)
*Circuitbending items (Speak & Spell, toy keyboards, toy electronic guitars, and odd stuff)
*Samlex RPS1204 Power Supply (13.8V 4-6A Regulated)
*Kustom Kreations Inc. Model 504 power supply (12V 1.75A)
*S-648 large solid high quality knobs (black ribbed heptagonal screw-tighten knobs: 16mm x 32mm, excellent condition, quantity available)

Wanted (trade or partial trade maybe):

Korg Electribe 2 or Sampler
Yamaha RS7000
Roland MC505
Yamaha EZEG
Novation A-Station
Peavey Spectrum Filter
Arturia Beatstep (black)
Akai APC Mini
Sherman Filterbank
Teenage Engineering OP1
MIDI/USB keyboard controller (low profile 61 or 49 key)
DIY kits for guitar or modular effects (printed circuitboards, parts etc)
Ibanez TS9DX, Boss SYB3, older DOD pedals
PC USB DA / audio interface
Korg EMX and ESX styleflip skins
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