Complete Eurorack Synth with Roland, STG, Rossum Noho, CA

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Complete Eurorack Synth with Roland, STG, Rossum Noho, CA

Postby matia » Sat Nov 03, 2018 10:46 pm

For sale is a complete Eurorack Analog Modular System. It has been built out to be a standalone synth and has been barely used. It was put together for a project over the past year and all of the modules were bought new (most direct from the companies that make the modules). The modules included are as follows:

Roland System 500 512 Dual VCO:

2 Roland Analog Oscillators made by Malekko based around the System 100m / Includes original box

Roland System 500 540 Dual Envelope/LFO:

2 super snappy Roland Analog envelopes and a very flexible LFO / Includes original box

2 HP Low Frequency Oscillator:

A very flexible lfo that can generate the standard lfo shapes needed for vibrato but can also be switched to generate complex wave shapes for more sophisticated modulation. Has a reset input for syncing to key press as well as a cv input which can take it into audio levels.

STG .SHN Analog Noise Generator Sample and Hold:

An analog noise generator that sounds GREAT with pink and white noise and a Sample and Hold. Noise generator is normalled to the sample and hold input but you can feed it anything.

STG .Mix Moog CP3 Analog Mixer Clone:

This is a powerhouse of a module. The best mixer I've heard. Inputs can be overdriven for the classic Moog Modular/Model D pre filter saturation. Can also be used to process CV and can act as an inverter.

Rossum Electro-Music Evolution VCF:

The best analog low pass filter I've heard. Based on the E-Mu Modular filter sub-block it's essentially a better Moog style filter with an insane amount of control. Bass for days.

Doepfer A-106-6 Xpander VCF:

This is the Oberheim Xpander filter in a module. It has the same Curtis CEM chip that the Xpander uses. It makes anything sound like an Xpander. Somewhat rare and discontinued as far as I know.

Frequency Central System X VCA:

Hand built Roland System 100m voltage controlled amplifier clone. Built using through hole parts and uses those classic CA3080s for the famous Roland Modular sound. The modern system 500 vca does not sound as good. Dual input so feed it multiple filter outputs from the Xpander filter for a very unique sound.

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