Another Fairlight Sound Emulation Strategy

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Another Fairlight Sound Emulation Strategy

Postby rdemon » Mon Nov 20, 2006 5:05 pm

I've been trying to get that warm analog sound from the various fairlight sample CDs i have. I have the Digital Domain and Cult Sampler fairlight samples and their pretty good. But, I'm doing some serious mastering work and feel i'm missing a lot of the analog warmth in these 16 bits samples, so I'm thinking about doing the following:

1. Converting original fairlight sample disks with 8 bit (unfiltered) samples to a modern format
2. Using something like Konkakt to build an instrurment using these samples
3. Using the mutronics mutator (with the SSM filter) to filter these samples to get the something close to the original analog sound
4. Recording the final in high res 24 bits.

If I can't find the original fairlight sample disks, I can try the Digital Sample or Cult Sampler samples but they have already been filtered.

Any thoughts?
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