Korg MicroKontrol with Reason for electro/house music?

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Korg MicroKontrol with Reason for electro/house music?

Postby jimmyasquith » Wed Sep 05, 2007 3:01 pm

I'm wanting to make electro/house music, like the Ed Banger label and European underground stuff (Justice, Daft Punk, Sebastian, Goose, Jence, Digitalism, MSTRKRFT, Mr Oizo.)

I like that heavy fuzzed up bass/synth sound but also the funky (more poppy?!) disco sound that some of the acts do.

Do you think this setup would be good for this? I am on a budget of about £400-500.

Also, do they work together well?
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Postby kk994 » Wed Sep 05, 2007 5:35 pm

I have bad experience with MicroKontrol. It's flimsy, 3 pots are f**k already and they haven't had abusive heavy use. Also the drumpads are very unresponsive for me. I might press the same pad twice in fast succession and I'd only hear one drum sound... crappy. Also the pads feel a bit gummy for my tastes.

Reason is OK. If you're just starting download a few demos. Give Ableton a twirl as well. Reason comes packed full of s**t and about 5Gb of fairly unusable sounds. You can make music with the prepackaged sounds but in the end your music sounds flat and boring. Use your own samples and it gets better.

Also give Fruity Loop (FL Studio) a try. It's really simple and people starting out love it.

As for a controller... maybe look at the novation ones. They have that automatic mapping function which is very handy as it automatically assigns synth parameters to controls. The MicroKontrol does the same in Reason but only in Reason. AFAIK the noavation automaps in all sequencers.
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