Akai S700 sampling problems

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Akai S700 sampling problems

Postby gmeredith » Fri May 02, 2008 8:25 am

I have an S700 that won't sample. It seems you can't get a signal into the sampler. You can prepare the sampler to sample and adjust the trigger threshold to zero, but when you press the sample button, it won't trigger the sampling process. Also, the input level meter won't show any input. It used to work fine, I then stored it for a while in my wardrobe for a few months, and now it has this fault. I saw someone else on another forum with the same issue.

How come things wear out just "sitting around"? Do little elves muck around with your gear when your asleep, stuff your gear and then say to each other "I'm outta here, wasn't me!"

Cheers, Graham
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