Help choosing a sampler/s

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Help choosing a sampler/s

Post by shadowshocker » Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:53 am

I am looking next at getting a new sampler. I just bought an Akai S1000 and I just received it after figuring out a new approach to how I'm going to record things, so I need to rethink my choice. Here's what I need the sampler for:

-Time stretch function
-Pitch change
-Time change

I really have little use for the sampler. I know I can do everything with the Akai S1000 I have now, but I'd like to possibly get something with a different layout, and less features that I don't need. Not that I can't use the sampler now, but I'd like to get something that is more practical for what I need, and has less that I don't need so it'd be easier to use.

I'm also thinking of getting two samplers with an effects chain between the two, for easy sampling back and forth through the effects. All I'm really gonna be using the sampler for is sampling little melodies and drum beats from recordings of mine, changing the time/pitch with the sampler, than running through the effects multiple times to get the right sound. I really have no other use for the sample, than to change the time/pitch and then making it easier to playback each time through the effects (rather than using a multitrack tape recorder and rewinding each gets tedious).

So besides that, I'd like something with some more sample time if possible, than the S1000. My first sampler was the Electribe ES-1 which I liked because of it's simple use, but of course that's built more on sequencing and drum machine approach (which I may be interested in later) but for right now, all I need is a sampler. I then got the Akai MPC 2000xl, but again a lot of stuff I don't need, and it was focused too much around the drum pads, which is a waste for me (and not to mention a lot more expensive). Now I have the S1000 which is good use wise, but I'd like to possibly see other options. Also I don't need midi at all.

So any suggestions? Or are there any sites with a list of samplers (old and new) that I can weed through and find what suits me? I really appreciate it (sorry for the long post). Thanks!

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Post by crystalmsc » Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:25 pm

check out the Yamaha SU700. Just make sure to get one with the SCSI on board (sold as an option, which is now rare). or the simpler SU200 which fit most of the criteria mentioned but on the pitch change.
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