siel dk600

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siel dk600

Postby jayman » Mon Oct 12, 2009 12:08 am

i'm baby sitting a freinds siel dk600 that needed the presets zapped back into it after a battery replacement . i got the presets back in , but most of them sound horrible, like sounds the synth cannot make in manual mode. some work i guess, but most of them have this wierd modulated crackling sound .. in manual mode the thing GETS UP !
so since i can save my own patches on it and they stay just fine i'm wondering if i just got a bad batch of patches.. or perhaps theres some sort of screw up in the tape interface thing . anyone out there have any suggestions .. oh .. and a side note .. he had me do it because its for sale . last thing i need is another problematic dco ploysynth , but it sounds nice in manual mode .. what should i offer him?
i totally dig how our ears can hear all this s**t and and we don't even do like half of it with normal instruments, and then all we gotta do is hook a speaker up to some circuits and move those circuits around and we can push our hearing to it's limits
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Re: siel dk600

Postby Spav » Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:12 pm

Did you get this running and what did you pay. I suspect the corruption is when the data is loaded from tape. The thing loads whatever it gets into memory, there is no buffering, so if it does not complete cleanly then you have c**p in the patches. Also some of the values from random data being in the patch lead to invalid settings, such as wave shape or ft' setting.
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