Korg EX8000 vs Waldorf MicroWave 1 for vintage analog sound?

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Korg EX8000 vs Waldorf MicroWave 1 for vintage analog sound?

Postby projectwoofer » Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:30 pm

I was listening to some demos of both...I'd be interested in trying one of them at some point. I know the Korg has a very simple architecture and no wavetables but I'm not really a fan of wavetables either! So I was wondering which of the two would bring the most vintage sounds? I'm talking about relatively simple, bread and butter sounds: basses, leads, pads and some effects.

One thing I find odd on the Korg are its raw oscillator sound: it can sound "plasticky" to my ears! How does it compare to a raw saw or square wave on the MW? The filters on the Korg sound damn well though! I have the impression that they are stronger than the MWs Curtis chips, or am I wrong? The MW is of course much more versatile I think...Any opinions?

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Re: Korg EX8000 vs Waldorf MicroWave 1 for vintage analog so

Postby mao » Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:45 am

They sound pretty similar. I'm asking myself why I'm keeping both. If you are not a wavetable man, well get the EX. The EX has a really huge warm dark sound while the microwave can do interesting "klangy" things using the wavetables. The Microwave can surely do "a lot more". The EX has a nice and useful delay on board. If you need some great analog pads go with the EX. The Microwave is great on doing PPG stuff. Damn... now I keep them both.
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Re: Korg EX8000 vs Waldorf MicroWave 1 for vintage analog so

Postby rhodeschroma » Sat Dec 18, 2010 10:10 am

I have both and Prefer the microwave. I don't use the ex-8000 so much. Little too mellow for my personal tastes. I only have it for that "once in a while" sound that I need. The microwave hits the mark with wavetable sounds, nice and ballsy, yet some dynamic fluid motion sounds, too. I wouldn't get rid of my Waldorf stuff at any point ( I have 2 microwave 1s, a MW 2, an XT, pulse plus, Rack attack, and Q). I have an equal amount of Korg stuff, but there aren't as many unique sounds from the era....(you either need to go way back or current.). Just my humble opinions.

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Re: Korg EX8000 vs Waldorf MicroWave 1 for vintage analog so

Postby 0e0 » Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:50 pm

there is something very vintage about the the dw/ex8000. the filters are as wet as h**l.

it's got a very dark and round sound that i definitely equate with "vintage analog".
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