Akai S900 not working - blank screen, all front lights on

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Akai S900 not working - blank screen, all front lights on

Postby scutheotaku987 » Sat Mar 12, 2011 5:04 am

Hi everybody,

So I received my first Akai sampler today (which I bought off of eBay), a S900.

And...it isn't working. Basically, I turn it on and all of the front lights are on, the screen is on (which I can tell by the little black blocks along the top when contrast is turned all the way up), but there is no text or anything on the screen, and all of the front lights just stay on. No matter what I press or do, nothing happens, no sound, etc...

It did come with a OS Version 4 floppy which, as was instructed in the little thing he printed out and sent along with it, I placed in before turning it on. But whether or not that's in, it's the same.

I have checked the inside and everything seems to be together tight (someone on another forum suggested that maybe shipment knocked some things loose), though I wasn't able to check the bottom circuit board as I couldn't get the top one off (the ribbon cables that connect the two was stopping me, and I couldn't get the ribbon cables out).

The guy I bought it from has been pretty cooperative, and insists that it worked great right before he shipped it (he's an eBay Power Seller with 100% positive feedback, so I'm inclined to believe him), but we're both stuck. So, any suggestions or anything would be much appreciated!

Thanks guys!
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