Modular duophony + analog keyboard splitting

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Re: Modular duophony + analog keyboard splitting

Post by chamomileshark » Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:02 pm

I'm going from memory here because I'm currently not in front of it - but it was very simple. Each channel on the Kenton Pro has note assignment - so I set one to low, one to high. Each channel has CV and Gate out - it does have other outs but I just used those. Connected one CV and Gate to one patch on the modular, the other CV and Gate to another patch - play two notes.

I tested this and it worked fine. If you play one note, both patches will sound.

I don't think the Kenton can do anymore which is a pity because I could create more or less 4 identical voices (although one voice would have a slightly different filter).

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