Proteus 2500 arrived and I need help.

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Proteus 2500 arrived and I need help.

Postby adekoyote » Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:56 am

So I finally got the proteus in the studio and at first there was so issues that a factory reset and a diagnostics helped with.

I have opened the box and lo' and behold it came with 4 chips installed(Phatt, Protozoa 123, Proteus, and QROM)

I have removed and reinserted each ROM chip to verify that is is working...thankfully reseating the ROM chips fixed a bad sector error on the diagnostics.


I cannot "see" more then two of the roms at one time...and everything passes through diagnostics.

What should I do?


current operating system is 1.31

Is there another upgrade of OS that I am missing?


It didn't come with the drivers for windows, and I don't know where to download the drivers and eloader...and I son't know whether the USB/MIDI runs with standard female midi cables or without. My Roland MC808 is able to hand all its midi through the usb, for instance...meaning that I don't need standard cables.

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