Voice Processing Error Oberheim Xpander

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Voice Processing Error Oberheim Xpander

Postby phesago » Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:38 pm

As the title of the thread states, this error came up on the LCD after the the parameter values froze up for a second. It happened just for a second, then stopped. This also, occured only when I was trying to control via CV/GATE control. I was using the Output of the SEM's ENV2, and the SYNC OUT from OCS1 to try and trigger the xpander, if thats useful.

Is this a common error?

Is there something failing that needs to be fixed immediately?

Am I worrying too much as it only happened once?

Could I have unintentionally damaged something?

Did the SYNC OUT of the SEM's OSC 1 cause the voice processing error? I think this to be the case actuallly, but ask a ton of questions anyway.

I think I am over reacting, but I want to ask just to make sure. I havent had any other issues since it happened, but its worth asking at this point.
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