two novation bass stations or 1 plus a supernova

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two novation bass stations or 1 plus a supernova

Postby princefan3 » Sun May 13, 2012 12:44 pm

got a bit of a dilema...have just aquired a standard bass station rack and i love it.

i had a super bass station in the past but found it too overpowering and screamish and you couldnt do much with
the programmed arps.

i like songs like ie...yazoo, simple but effective with space for the notes.

im thinking do i get another bass station..? or go for a supernova. i dont want something thats going to crowd a track.

like the 4 part multi timbral and has an arp and must have a different sound scape.

but another bass station would compliment the first.

what would you do...?
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