Is my Moog Rogue broken, or am I missing something?

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Is my Moog Rogue broken, or am I missing something?

Postby helpmeplease » Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:46 am

Hey all! To fill you in; I've had a long interest in electronic music that utilises vintage synthesizers (Boards of Canada, etc.) but I've never had any of my own due to budgeting constraints, and relative rarity where I live (Australia).

However, by a stroke of good luck, a family member long term lent me their Moog Rogue which they've been the original owner of since new. I played the synth for a couple of hours and everything worked fine EXCEPT for one wave shape setting in the modulation which was described to me as a "randomized arpeggiator."

Anyway, later that night, I got on a short plane ride (Sydney to Brisbane) with the synth boxed up in the original styrofoam packaging, and I stowed it securely in overhead with nothing on top of it, later that night I unpacked it but I didn't get round to playing it.

All this brings me to this morning, when I was eager to start playing it again, so I got a pair of headphones and a quarter inch adapter. I wasn't sure about the inputs and outputs, so I tried output first but there was no sound, not even a hum, so I moved on to input. The input immediately had a quiet synth drone, which I couldn't alter the volume of, and it persisted whether I had the auto-trigger on or not. I could change the pitch using the keys and the corresponding knobs, but even with the attack and delay right down low it wouldn't go away! Alot of the modulation affects seemed to have minimal/no effect on the sound as well...

At first I thought I needed to run it through a pre-amp, but the volume seems to be stuck at this low point, and externally there are no signs of damage, so I'm fairly sure the problem is due to my error, am I doing something wrong with the headphones and inputs/outputs?

Anyway, sorry to bother all of you, but I'd really like to get to the bottom of this!

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Re: Is my Moog Rogue broken, or am I missing something?

Postby Blackie1 » Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:14 am

The sound from a synth (or any electronic instrument) comes out of the output. Plugging headphones into this will result in a very low-level signal, because the headphones aren't being driven by anything, i.e., an amplifier. Also, you will only hear the sound through the left side, because a synth (at least one of this style and age) produces a mono signal.

I used to have a Micromoog, and it had a switch labeled "Bypass" (which I believe opens the gate...) and when engaged, it caused the synth to drone on forever at whichever note was pressed without having to touch the keyboard, just as you described. See if the Rouge has this switch as well.

It sounds to me like you're not especially fluent in the use of a synthesizer. Do a bit of research - even the basics of synthesis will really get you going!

However, I'm not too sure why you'd be getting a signal from the input. Are you certain the phones are plugged into the in and not the out?
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Re: Is my Moog Rogue broken, or am I missing something?

Postby Don T » Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:08 am

Plug the Rogue into a keyboard or guitar amplifier, and try again. In the contour generator section, there is a switch labeled "Contoured - Keyed - Bypass". Throw that switch to "Bypass", and turn the volume up halfway. Slide the "Cutoff" slider in the filter section all the way up, and leave the other two sliders all the way down. In the "Mixer" section, slide the "OSC 1" and "OSC 2" sliders all the way up. If you don't get a sound with this setting, there is trouble inside.

Also, make sure you have the proper adapter, 24 Volts AC (not DC) output.
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