Recreating Reason soft-synth on my Alesis Micron

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Recreating Reason soft-synth on my Alesis Micron

Postby shiitake » Thu May 09, 2013 11:22 pm

I know this is kind of a longshot since the Micron is pretty old by now... But I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

The particular Malstrom patch is a Polysynth patch called "Jumping Chip" which has two oscillators PWM + SQUARE (offset by 1 octave + 7 semis). It doesn't have any filters but its got both LFOs enabled which are doing most of the shaping.

MOD A - curve 23 (looks like stairs going up then down); applies to OSC A + B
This mod arpeggiates the notes up and then back down several octaves

MOD B - curve 11 (sawtooth wave); applies to OSC A
This mod adds a phasing click noise which sweeps up and down at 1/4 the speed of MOD A.

So far I've been able to recreate the MOD A using the micron's arpeggiator but there isn't a sawtooth shaped LFO on the Micron.

Anyone have experience working with the Malstrom Graintable?
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