any fellow MVers out there?

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any fellow MVers out there?

Postby Idk Probly » Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:02 pm

just wondering why the MV-8K never gets any love on web forums. Is it just me, or do other MVusers feel like orphans from a once-great hardware dynasty that has let itself fade away? and for no reason! i mean, i have had a used MV-8K for about 4 years now, the faders are a little jumpy and some of the buttons have collapsed, but i am still head over heels in LOVE with this thing. If it completely died on me, i swear i would go buy another MV, maybe get the 8800, either one. If you're looking for a sampler/sequencer/drum machine/multi-track recorder/synthesizer in one unit, these things are SO slept on. Probably the last great Roland product line. You will have to work at it and learn it and do some research and RTFM, but you will have a beast on your hands when you do. i think it's sad that people keep wanting new gear with new functions and features, sometimes they forget to use the creativity inside their own mind to make s**t happen with whatever it is you're working with. if you want a machine that does everything for you and automatically makes you sound like whoever it is you're trying to imitate, it's not for you. "How do i get that MPC swing on the MV?" :evil: There's a gazillion MPcs out there, that's probably why they are all anyone talks about. But my MV will eat your MPc for breakfast. "What about the Renaissance?" what about it? it's not even standalone! it's a glorified midi controller. i mean, i'm sure it's got some good features, but that thing just went down $300 in price. what does that tell you?
Sorry for the rant. Love the forum. Guess i just wanted to talk some s**t. I don't know why Roland has just abandoned their legacy, i guess they want to concentrate on making accordions with D-beam controllers. My point is, the MV is a real classic with endless possibilities, & i think it ought to be mentioned now and then.
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Re: any fellow MVers out there?

Postby bluntedcircuit » Sat Dec 07, 2013 6:34 am

I used to own an mv8000, and while I enjoyed it and it was a very capable machine but I ended up ditching it for an mpc1000.
It's pads were superb, but the unit itself is way too big and it's extra features were redundant for me - I multi track on the computer, got synths, sample on the computer - basically my mpc is a pad controller with a built in sequencer and that's all I need from it.

I think those reasons are probably sentiments a lot of people feel towards the mv, that being said it's a slept piece of kit and if I knew someone looking for affordable solid kit I'd definitely recommend it
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Re: any fellow MVers out there?

Postby iphoenix » Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:21 am

I have an MV8000 , which Ive been using for @ 6 years , but I have been neglecting it lately & the muscle (MV use )is a bit forgotten, but I love this machine & hope to get back t using it again soon.
I have done some of my favourite more recent tracks with this machine.
It is a very complicated instrument/ production machine & that is probably why it is not talked about so much , I would say many users don't put the time into learning it & its workflow ( which is so variable) to suit them,& give up on it/ sell it
I need to refresh my MV knowledge for sure & just get into the habit of using it again, as I always find it rewarding when I put the time in with it.
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