Virus KC vs. Microwave XTk

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Virus KC vs. Microwave XTk

Postby jim777 » Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:21 am

Price is a wash, so not taking that into affect. I am looking to add something that I don't already have (Motif 6, V-Synth, ION) or can't cover, and want keys attached. I know they are different, but I guess I am looking for the 'warmer' of the two, if that makes sense. I am not currently sequencing anything.

Regardless of my needs, If I were giving you your choice of these two, which would you take and why? That's the only question. :)

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Re: Virus KC vs. Microwave XTk

Postby CfNorENa » Tue Dec 24, 2013 8:24 pm

I think your challenge here is that you're asking for two different things. If you want to add something that your current synths don't cover, then it has to be the XTk. Wavetable synthesis done right. But it doesn't really fit the conventional definition of "warm" (it tends more towards the "icy razor blade" side of the spectrum!). I suspect the Virus will fit the "warm" bill better in that regard.

So I think you need to decide which of these aspects is more important to you. My own vote is for the XTk. You've got VA covered with the Ion. But the Waldorf will bring an entirely new universe to your sonic palette.
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