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New Ring Galaxy Track | "Spacewalk" | Electronic

Postby DLovas » Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:16 am

Came up with this track while I was trying to remake a track of mine from earlier last year called "Remnants."

The remake wasn't going the way I wanted it to go and I just messed around and came up with a new idea. Now I'd say this is the perfect B-Side for Remnants. I've called the new track, "Spacewalk."

I envisioned slowly moving through a diverse landscape of stars / galaxies / planets, etc... and I wanted to name the track accordingly (I take my track namings VERY seriously. The second step thereafter is to find a photograph that would nicely accompany the title. I believe I accomplished both of those tasks in this case. I mention this because it took me a particularly long time to name this track (When I first uploaded it I had named it "Celestial Panorama..." but something about that seemed too... I dunno - just wasn't satisfied with it. Anyway let me know what you think.

I'll also upload "Remnants" below so you can hear the similarities (I started them both the same way on purpose).



I messed up the fade at the end so the track kind of lingers in the background at a very low volume... I'll fix it.



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