OB-8 vs. Jupiter 6?

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Re: OB-8 vs. Jupiter 6?

Post by Pro5 » Sun Nov 16, 2014 7:24 am

I understand your point of course, but you don't always need to have 'tried' something to advise somone between a choice of two synths, which is only an opinion not a fact (I didn't state it as 'fact'). Actually for me personally there are many reasons I'd prefer a Jupiter 6, I prefer the looks, the features and it's probably even more 'my thing' based on my synth history.

I just don't think he should go swapping his OB-8 for one based on market values that are a bit more hyped for the Jupiter line, also generally more people seem to admire the OB-8's sound whereas the JP-6 is a marmite synth, many many people have lusted after one, got one then been disappointed by it. Me? I'd probably love it tbh as I like underdog synths. I was just attempting to say (badly) that the OP would be better off getting his own JP-6 and spend some time with both and find which he prefers instead of doing a blind swap or listening to possible bias from owners of either who will generally defend something they like.

I could buy a JP-6 anytime, they go for just over £2000 on ebay these days, but when I first got interested, only a couple of years ago they were around £1500. For a 'marmite' synth with a strong brand name it's a risk to pay £2000+ or to go swapping a very well thought of OB-8 when the OP doesn't know if he'd even like it.

If I ever find a JP-6 for a great price I'll be all over it as it's still on my hit list and is one of the best looking synths of all time imo (I prefer it to the OB design which is a bit 'fat') :D whether the sound itself will make me keep it, of course I wouldn't know until I attempt to integrate it into my own music - but based on the many demos I've heard, the songs I've heard it in, the YT vids I've seen it A/Bd against other things with the sound is NOT blowing me away, it seems like a more powerful variation on the stuff I own or have owned (JX-3P/Juno 60) but not completely killing them in all areas either and lacks a little of the character of both those while adding more options and nice design.

p.s maybe, just maybe, I was also subconsciously attempting to keep the prices down in my own small way so that I could buy one this side of £2500 before they get as out of reach as the JP-8 is for many. :lol:

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