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Re: Moog Music sold

Post by Automatic Gainsay » Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:31 pm

It's a pretty cool thing, to be sure... but it's not quite the thing that people perceive it to be.

It essentially means that if you work at Moog Music for a period of years, you are eligible to enter the "employee ownership" and become "vested." The longer you work there, the more of a payout you'll get when you stop working there or retire.

But it essentially means that Moog Music will be your career for your life. And while I know that sounds attractive to many, you have to weigh the amount you'd make working there plus payout against working somewhere where you'd likely make a lot more in wages. And I don't mean that to sound cynical, but realistic. No one's getting anything for free in this deal... you're investing in the company by working there for a very long time, and then getting a return on your investment. It's essentially a pension plan.

You might notice that the employees own less than 50%. That means they don't actually own the company, and they will not participate in its governance (according to my understanding).
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