Akai s5000/s6000 samples - any difference?

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Re: Akai s5000/s6000 samples - any difference?

Post by madtheory » Fri Dec 16, 2016 12:37 pm

Hi uvi-falcon...

Big old keyboards:
Ya the MX1000 is probably smaller than the S1000KB even though it has 76 keys! But it's probably heavier. Aluminium casing and led weight in each key. Would be cool to see them side by side :)

Kontakt window size:
NI finally did make the window sizing better. Really bizarre that it was ever an issue, but it's good software. My only gripe is that your RTAS instance of Kontakt 2 or 3 or 4 is not automatically understood and replaced by Kontakt 5 AAX. NI plugins are the only ones with this problem. Really awkward when pulling up old projects!

Selling old samplers:
Ya, we all lost a lot of money invested in hardware samplers! Or some of us held on to them... sunken bias?

Akai Support:
Akai is a company that seems to have been bought out several times. It's great they're still around but all of that IP has been lost several times as well. Without great people like Tauntek, we'd have no sysex support on the AX80, for example.

Sampler scripting:
I only use other people's scripts! :) I have the UVI player for the libraries. The Acoustica guitars are stunning, very playable with the scripting. Seems superior to NI's offerings.

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Re: Akai s5000/s6000 samples - any difference?

Post by uvi-falcon » Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:22 pm

Yes and there was actually nothing in it (S1000KB) and still the weight :-)
I had never problems with S1000KB

Back then (i think it was in 1994..) i payed 4624 (converted to EU) for it, brand new, and was lucky to get 420 EU for it, that was in about 2003..
S1000KB was very expensive back then

I then payed 1121 EU for a used S6000 full, and added the harddrive later

oh so they finally DID make kontakt resizable? well i stay with falcon :-)
I do have Reaktor 6, effects are great

I have pro tools 12, so happy with AAX, the falcon timestretch kick a*s, and so did the timestretch in S1000KB back then.
It took many years before i heard same quality on computersoftware

I remember Akai planned to make a softwaresampler out from their awesome S-series, but they dropped it, dont know why.

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