Sequencing Synth drums

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Sequencing Synth drums

Postby redhenry » Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:57 am

I hope I ask this in a way that makes sense.

I have several keyboards (Roland D-5, Yamaha SY-35 etc) that I hook up via midi to my Arturia Beatstep Pro. It works great. The arturia has a dedicated sequence just for a drum track (midi channel 10) and my synths are recognised. All sounds good but I can only seem to access 16 drum sounds on any synth. It’s the first 16 keys on the synth. Each of the 16 pads on the Arturia is assigned to each of the first 16 keys. Is there a way of getting to some of the other drum sounds that are further up the synth?

The other two sequence channels on the Arturia are for synth notes...typically one for bass, one for another sequence and they have octave up and down options that allow access to the entire keyboards synth notes.

Is there a way to access all the drum sounds?

Note: I don’t use a DAW and record straight onto a Zoom 16 track recorder.
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