Tyros 1-3 What are The Differences, Any Know?

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Tyros 1-3 What are The Differences, Any Know?

Post by Ebony_Ivory » Sun Sep 15, 2019 2:48 am

Hello, I was looking on Youtube for Tyros Demo's after trying a Tyros 1. I must say it does sound even better than most modern synth's I have been hearing. I own a Roland AT80SL Organ and whilst it cannot be beat for Organ and Orchestral sounds, I want to add more such as better and more varied guitars and synth sounds for Pop and Easy Listening. The Mega Instruments sound astounding, even by today's standards.

The Tyros Mega Instruments also sound better in my opinion. I want to put a tyros on top on my organ as an extra keyboard and play through a line in, unless I can play the tyros through the upper keyboard of my organ whilst keeping the lower keyboard as the internal Roland. Also, I hope to have a Roland JDXI running through the Tyros as its keys are like those off a child's toy, this has a vocoder too which would be helpful as my own voice would damage the ears of cats.

So, can anyone tell me if you can play bass pedals straight through the Tyros? And, are there great differences between Tyros 1, 2, 3, as there is a great difference in the prices between them, the 2 being twice as much, the 3 half again on top. Such as sound, facilities, rhythms etc.

I cannot tell watching Youtube videos.

I have also looked at videos of the PSR710, whilst its samples are better, and they are breathtaking, I find the blended multi sounds of the Tyros much warmer, the sounds gelling together creating a much bigger as one sound, although, that is only my own opinion.

Most Organists I know are either in the Yamaha or Roland Camps, or other, disliking one or the other. To me it is about the products. For example, I dislike the Yamaha EL range of Organs, but the AR-100 is one of the best ever made, until the Stagea, having a really big rounded wam sound, and a vast array of possibilities, and I would love to own one but do not have room. Roland 80SL out stripping the AR100 whith sound samples and out put in thier flagship models, and the touch screen and ease of use really helped as well, after the AR100 out performed the Roland R series range. I love Roland Organs, but have never been so bothered about their synths until trying the JDXI, but those tiny plastic keys really are horrible.

Anyway, if anyone has experience of all 3 of the Tyros range and can be honest, which is hard from a dealer who will sell you what they have or can acquire, a little information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you experienced people, I am but ignorant to sythns so need your knowledge.

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Re: Tyros 1-3 What are The Differences, Any Know?

Post by Ashe37 » Sun Sep 15, 2019 4:57 am

The Tyros has the same sound engine (and samples, largely) as whatever Motif is available at the same time. Each one has roughly 2x the library size of its predecessor.

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Re: Tyros 1-3 What are The Differences, Any Know?

Post by meatballfulton » Sun Sep 15, 2019 9:39 am

There's also the Tyros 4 and Tyros 5, not to mention the Genos which replaced the Tyros line.
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