Prophet VS v1.2 firmware download

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Re: Prophet VS v1.2 firmware download

Postby Shalebridge » Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:29 pm

More updates on r1.3 ... or maybe it should be r1.4 now. Changes from r1.2 in bold.

1. NV PROGRAM NUMBER: Program Number is now remembered after power off

2. DATA INC/DEC: Data increment/decrement function has been added for fine adjustment

3. LFO SYNC: By default the unit has freerunning LFOs. If you change the 8th digit of the patch name to an 'S' then both LFOs are synced to the keys. If the 8th digit is an 'X' only LFO 1 is synced. LFO 2 will freerun.

4. ARP SYNC: Arpeggios are synced with the playing of the first note. Clock is reset when the first note is played.

5. MASTER TUNE: Under the master tune screen a field has been added which provides a +\- 12 semitone transposition.

6. LOCAL ON/OFF: Under the MIDI options switch a screen has been added to provide local keyboard enable and disable.

7. NRPN MSB/LSB IN & OUT: The original software had the byte order flipped LSB->MSB so many controllers (BCR2000, BeatStep Pro, etc) would not function correctly. This has been fixed.

Still wanting to explore the Midi Mode 4 code for aftertouch possibilities.
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