DX7 LCD upgrade question 1602a pins

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DX7 LCD upgrade question 1602a pins

Post by FusionDP » Fri Sep 18, 2020 5:35 am

I recently purchased a very rough DX7. After taking it apart, cleaning out the dust and dirt as well as fixing some keys that had popped out, I decided I'd replace the LCD which was in poor shape.

I picked up a generic 1602a as a replacement. As I understand it, the first 14 pins are the same as what the stock LCD uses, but then pins 15 and 16 are ground and +5v. My question is, where do I get the +5v and can I ground it to something simple like the case?

I know next to nothing about electronics. I noticed there's an empty connector marked C6 and on the diagram I downloaded, it seems like one of the pins on C6 supplies +5v. Can I use that?

Any advice would be fantastic.



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