Make your DAW sound like an analog console

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Make your DAW sound like an analog console

Post by ScottBrio » Sun Jan 17, 2021 6:19 am

What's up! I realized a while back that I had done a lot of things to my default Ableton Live session that really sort of shaped the way I make music and directs the way my music sounds.
- Pre-loading your favorite synth plugins and effects
- Customizing your groove pool
- Adding a console saturation plugin (Airwindows Console 7)
- Adding tape saturation to the master (Slate Digital Tape Machine)
- Super Sends on return tracks
- Setting up your own sample libraries for audio & MIDI
- Keybindings for setting song markers

Thought it would be helpful to other producers out there so I made a video. What are you all adding to your default sessions to make your music sound better?

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Re: Make your DAW sound like an analog console

Post by madtheory » Wed Jan 20, 2021 2:52 pm

That's a very helpful video thanks. I need to get into Ableton.

I stopped using templates like this a while back. I prefer to have a blank slate, it means every piece comes out different. Instead of templates, I have a pile of unfinished ideas organised in folders. I'd usually have about 8 of those in a finished state every 6 months or so.

The notion of "making it better" is kinda problematic. I prefer to evaluate each idea on its own merits. While I am playing around with an idea, it is the best idea there is, nothing is better. I try to let it grow and evolve by itself. Just have fun with it.

Even if an idea never gets to be a finished track, that's still productive. You'll always have learned from that process. Or you'll have something that can be dropped in as an effect, drop or bridge into another track.

BTW, I like your speakers, I have the passives with a modified Quad 405 very detailed sound :) Nice studio setup too!

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