Rozzbox v2 pre order at Big City Music

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Rozzbox v2 pre order at Big City Music

Post by Altitude » Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:11 pm

Nice Specs:


The RozzBox V2 poly w/ tube filter is a 5-voice polyphonic synthesizer with digital oscillators, digital and analog filters on each voice, and one additional all tube filter.

Besides the classic design of a 4-oscillator polysynth with analog filters, the RozzBox features a bunch of mean functions that can't be found on any other synthesizer, such as the Hacker, the chaotic filtermode, switchable aliasing of the oscillators and much more! When you put these all together, they can easily turn those sweet little analog pads into a fiendish hellfire!

Interconnectable sequencers (one sequencer can trigger another / sequencers can follow each other / ...) with step range from 1-16 (individually configurable for *each* sequencer) and multiple running modes allow very complex modulations.


* 4 digital ocsillators with standard and 16 additional waveforms - hard-sync possible
* Configurable FM engine with 7 algorithms
* Noise, external audio input, ring modulator
* Includes 3 self-resonant Filter-Types:
Digital high pass/low pass filter with resonance and 24dB/octave (4 filter poles)
Analog low pass ladder filter with resonance and 24dB/octave (4 filter poles)
Completely tube-driven analog low pass filter with resonance and 12B/octave (2 filter poles)
* 2 independent filters per voice
* 2 LFOs with standard waveforms and wave tracking, sync with MIDI
* 2 ADSR Envelopes with switchable lin/exp characteristics and trigger modes
* 4 completely independent sequencer lines per voice, each with its own running mode and sychronization settings
* Envelope follower with separate input
* Complex 4-point modulation matrix with 16 sources and 16 destinations
* Complex trigger matrix with unlimited connection count, for interconnection of LFOs, sequencers, envelope triggers, MIDI clock, ...
* The switchable "Hacker" adds artificial analog aliasing (tunable)
* Bitreduction / Sample rate reduction
* 'Chaos' mode of the digital filter
* Digital hardclipping
* Extensive multimode (up to 5 "Monophonic" sounds)
* Hands-on interface: 27 knobs, 29 slide switches, Full Graphic LED-display
* Individual out for each voice
* Full MIDI control of every parameter
* Compact size: 10" wide x 6" deep x 3 1/2" high (253x150x90mm)

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Post by c1t1zen » Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:08 pm

The size of the Rozzbox is amazing the sound is really grity but can be sweet.
Here's a video the good guys at Big City Music took while I was demo-ing their in store unit. I found a lot of variety in the preset sounds but the hands on control make this a wild box with bit mangling and triple filters analog, digital and a Tube filter.

Also they're handmade...I'm a sucker for handmade gear like the Monome also shown in this video playing boiing max/msp patch.

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Post by Sir Ruff » Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:16 pm

I can't help (on paper), it sounds like a jacked (or ruder) PEvolver...

I never gave these much thought before, but just reading the specs, and the mangling possibilites, it does sound good!
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Post by lotus-eater » Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:30 pm

The Rozzbox has caught my eye as well. The thing I like about it is that, from the examples I've heard on the L.L. Electronics site, it doesn't seem to be giving up any of the density/phatness you get in the modern analogue monosynths (LP, Evolver, SE1) despite being a five voice poly.
The size of the machine also appeals to me.

The reason I haven't pre-ordered one is that I'm not convinced by the UI. I do not like the switches they're using, and that display is hilariously small. Can you imagine using that thing to program sequences? I realize that the tiny switches and display are what allow the unit to have such a small footprint, but I would've preferred if its interface was more like that of the Elektron boxes, with step keys, a bank of soft knobs and a generous display. Also, the idea of a tube filter (operating at tube temperatures!) in an enclosure that small is pretty scary to me.

Though it's probably not the right machine for me, I hope the company does well with it, as it's got a unique feature set, and I love synths (especially analogue ones) that allow you to route the oscs through more than one resonant filter.

I hope they end up using the red display found on the one seen at Messe. That looked pretty hot!

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Post by stikygum » Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:34 am

I would love one with the Tube filter. Sounds musical too whereas the the Metasonix Wretchmachine seems quite overpoweringly distorted all the time. Man I really one of these, but I have no way to wing it right now since I'm getting into modulars.

It looks built like a tank and the knobs look really sturdy. FYI, the older versions of the Rozzbox didn't have all these features and only had a LED screen, not a LCD.

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Post by REwire » Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:41 am

I have one on pre-order at BCM. I borrowed the original Mono Rozzbox a few years ago for a few days and wanted one since then. Sounds like no other piece of gear I'd ever heard and a poly version is a dream! The tube filter in this makes it scream just like the Wretch Machine but poly and stays in tune.
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Post by breitt » Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:59 am

I'm intrigued by this box as I've been searching for a modern analogue poly with unique filters and built-in sequencer for a long time now. The one thing holding me back is the sequencer implementation. Has anyone actually used the sequencer on these units? How intuitive/practical/easy is it? It looks like it would be a major hassle to use, but I haven't been able to find a video or explanation of how a sequence is physically inputted into the machine.
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Post by severen » Tue Mar 25, 2008 8:23 am

interesting switch matrix

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Post by nitkov » Tue Mar 25, 2008 7:27 pm

it is interesting and inspiring, i like it a lot!

but look, there are 11 functions which use 2 switches each, while so many other functions don't have even a single dedicated switch, like seq or lfo2. seems illogical to me, although it looks brilliant.
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Post by c1t1zen » Wed Mar 26, 2008 12:28 am

The tubes should be fine there's two big vents on the bottom for air circulation. Can't wait to run different gear through the tube filter. The screen is an OLED not LCD. It's very clear to read, yes, small but most of your attention is on the knobs and switches. A lot of knobs do have multiple controls via a "part b" button. This being all MIDI controllable means you can use any off the shelf MIDI box to control everything.

I'm also interested in the sequencer inside it. We probably won't know the answer till they are delivered in May. I will try to remember to post how it functions then.

I will probably be using my Monome to sequence it though. :)

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Post by MitchK1989 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 12:27 pm


I was expecting this to cost a lot more than 2 grand.

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Post by shaft9000 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 2:53 pm

lots of character for a very good price. as long as the OS is stable and not 'vaporware' it should sell very well.
jeesus...1st the Sunsyn, then the PolyEvolver, now this....and I still want a MMM and an XS. phuck me.
just what I need, even mooooore GAS :lol:
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