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A forum for comparing two or more synths against each other. Also known as "versus" threads.
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Re: Mono vs Mono

Post by TrondC » Sat Sep 20, 2008 12:01 pm

I've had the MnM for a week, and I must say, I love it like no other piece of gear I've owned. I also spent many hours in my local shop playing the Poly elvolver keyboard, and I much prefer the MnM for the kind of music I'm into. however, a combination of the MnM and MEK should be a very good live as well as studio setup, and as pointed out, the MnM could sequence additional parts on the evolver for maximum weirdness :) the MnM isn't cheap, but it does have 6 parts of mono synth with a very wide and definately deep sound. the MEK excels at weird sounds, and the MnM can do all kinds of sounds. the MEK screams, the MnM purrs ;)

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