Question for Nord Lead 3 owners

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Question for Nord Lead 3 owners

Post by deathbycubicle » Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:03 pm

I recently purchased an NL3 on ebay, intended to be my main gigging board.

However, I have recently found posts on several forums which point to a reliability issue with the NL3. Apparently, it is very sensitive to having the correct voltage, and any fluctuation in voltages will cause the synth to reboot. Users have complained of having the NL3 reboot several times during each gig.

The only known remedy is to buy a voltage regulator, such as the Furman 1215 ($550).

Have any of you toured with the NL3? Have you experienced this problem?

I don't use a rack, so purchasing a voltage regulator is out of the question for me. If the NL3 is truly that unreliable, I'll have to go with something else.

Thanks if you can help!

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