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Re: Drum Machine Advice

Post by muhammed » Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:41 am

thefleeingloaf wrote:In case you still haven't made a decision and are considering MFB gear, I felt I should respond to this thread. I have the MFB-503, and all I can say is "meh."

I tried to like it, because the kick, snare, and toms are analogue, and you can get some good sounds out of it sometimes. But it's unstable and the toms are lacking. Plus it has WAY too many limitations, including:

1) You cannot pan each part as you wish
2) Three mono outputs: BD, snare, everything else
3) Lots of noise
4) Instability
5) Workable but pretty inconvenient sequencer/work flow

I love hardware drums for their knobs, tweakability, and ease of use. MFB kind of lacks in that department. I had a Korg ER-1, and I have to hand it to Korg for their brilliant design. The kicks and snares were thin, and the hats were just okay, but it was incredibly easy to use.

The Machinedrum looks the same way, and I'm thinking of getting one myself. But damn, I wish there were a good option in the intermediate price range (ie under $1000)!
Jomox XBASE 888 :)

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Re: Drum Machine Advice

Post by pflosi » Tue Nov 24, 2009 1:28 pm

i have to disagree, the mfb 503 sounds nice. i like it a lot. you cannot expect it to be an 808 for that cheap. i think more of a modern 606 of it. and i think you can get lots of different synth drums, it is fairly good programmable. mine isnt very noisy, are you sure you're using the right wall wart? mine came with a 9V DC wall wart instead of a 12V DC one, and with that it sounded horrible. never found out why they sent the wrong one, though

some things letting me down:

yeah, only 3 outputs. one more for the toms would have been nice.

you can mute all the instruments on the fly, except the kick, on which it would be most important. the separate out let's you work around this, though.

no midi through. it can only be at the end of a midi chain.

aside from that, i really think it offers a lot for the money. it really is cheap

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Re: Drum Machine Advice

Post by thefleeingloaf » Thu Nov 26, 2009 4:05 pm

Maybe "meh" was too harsh for the MFB-503. As you say, pflosi, you do get a lot for the money. Depending on atmospheric conditions (or whatever), the kick can be pretty bangin', the snare is good, and the hats are consistently solid. I just wish it were more user-friendly as far as work flow/sequencing. Maybe we should all stop blaming our gear for our musical shortcomings...but then what would we discuss in the forums?

What is the word on the Jomox 888? It sounds like it's a powerful beast, but I've heard it's annoying to use. "Annoying" is not a quality I want in an instrument.

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