Yamaha CS-10 Triggering Problem

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Yamaha CS-10 Triggering Problem

Post by BerlinRain » Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:30 pm

Hello VS!

A mere coincidence that my registering and my synth going weird happened within 10 minutes of each other I can assure you!

I did search for this problem but didn't know quite how to condense it into a search parameter so didn't find anything.

My CS10 seems to be stuck on Hold whether it is on it or not - it plays different keys that I use and everything seems to function normally except the trigger light doesn't come on unless I flip between external and single trigger and it blips but is then unresponsive. So if I use a key in single trigger or multi there's no notification of signal, even though the note changes.

If I do put it on hold the volume doubles and the signal is only responsive to sustain level in the VCA

No idea what is going on - help please!

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