An1x - new editor available as a free download

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An1x - new editor available as a free download

Post by Tekhed66 » Sat Apr 13, 2024 5:04 am

Hi all

I stumbled across a post on the Reddit synthesizer page the other day ... the author has reverse engineered an AN1x patch and has gone on to develop a new and excellent (and FREE) editor for the synth... I'm not associated with the project at all but it was such an unexpected find and such a great product that I though there might be a few of you with this synth that might be interested.

The post has a link to the v1.2 exe which automatically takes you to the new v1.3 version ... it works for both PC and Mac.

I'm still tinkering with it but all synth parameters are controllable ... you can use the software to change synth parameters and vice-versa (all in real time)... so far, it's absolutely rock solid and makes editing a cinch ... I've got a super expensive commercial editor that is buggy and has problems downloading all the data from the AN1x but this freebie has worked like a charm.

There's also a You Tube video by the developer giving you an overview of what it can do.

Links are:

Hopefully there'll be future updates but until then, I hope this editor comes in handy.


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